Weak Soft Open Sets in Soft Bi Topological Spaces

Arif Mehmood Khattak, Muhammad Zaighum, Saleem Abdullah, Shamoona Jabeen


The key aim of this article is to familiarize some basic results in soft bi topological spaces. The idea of soft Limit Point in soft bi topological space is introduced and related results are also discussed with respect to ordinary and soft points. Soft interior point in soft bi topological space and related results with respect to ordinary and soft points are also studied. The relation between soft   space and Soft   -Closures is discussed in soft topological space with respect to soft -open set. Also the same relation is discussed with respect to soft -open and set P-open sets. Soft neighborhood in soft bi topological space is defined and related results are studied. Soft sequences uniqueness of limit in soft  -Hausdorff space and soft  -Hausdorff space is studied. The product of soft Hausdorff spaces with respect to soft points in different soft weak open sets are also discussed. The marriage between Soft Hausdorff space and the diagonal is also planted here.


Soft sets, soft topology, soft weak open Soft weak separation axioms in soft bi-topological spaces.

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