Malmquist Productivity Index on Efficiency Layers

F. Rezai balf, M. Hatefi


Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), a popular linear programmingtechnique is useful to rate comparatively operational effiencyof decision Making Unit (DMU) based on the their deterministic inputoutputdata. The Malmquist productivity index in DEA, calculablewith the distance function, for measurement the productivity changeamong two variant time period or two variant group in the same time.This index is based on two factor of efficiency change index and atechnological change index. In this paper, we operate on the collectiveMalmquist productivity index, which performs clustering operationDMUs with classification into different levels of efficient frontier,and then we discuss on the relation between Malmquist index on theefficiency layers and their attractiveness and progress


Data envelopment analysis, efficiency layers malmquist productivity index, attractiveness and progress

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