A new improved method for comparing fuzzy numbers by centroid point

Tayebeh Hajjari


Ranking fuzzy numbers is a very important decision-making procedure in decision analysis and applications. The last few decades have seen a large number of methods investigated for ranking fuzzy numbers, yet some of these approaches are non-intuitive and inconsistent. The most commonly used approached for ranking fuzzy numbers is ranking indices based on centroid of fuzzy numbers. Despite their merits, there are some weaknesses associated with these indices. This paper review several recent fuzzy numbers ranking methods based on centroid points then proposes a new centroid index ranking method that is capable of effectively ranking various types of fuzzy numbers. The contents herein present several comparative examples demonstrating the usage and advantages of the proposed centroid index ranking method for fuzzy numbers.


Centroid points, Centre of gravity, comparing, Defuzzification, Trapezoidal

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