Generalized Weighted Weibull Distribution

Omid Kharazmi


The new class of weighted exponential (WE) distributions obtained by Gupta and Kundu (2009) by applying Azzalini’s method to the exponential distribution. Kharazmi et al. (2015) extended the WE distribution to the generalized weighted exponential (GWE) distribution and studied its different properties. In this study, we generalize the weibull distribution to a new class referred to as the generalized weighted weibull (GWW) distribution with one scale parameter and two shape parameters. The GWW model is constructed in a way that is similar to the way in which the GWE is constructed. It is investigated that the new model has increasing, decreasing and upside-down bathtub shaped hazard. Several statistical and reliability properties of this new class of distribution are obtained. Estimation, Simulation and inference procedure for distribution parameters are investigated. Finally, we show that the proposed model can provide better fit than some recent classes of the extended weibull by using two real data examples.


Weighted weibull distribution, Hazard function, Mean residual life time, Stochastic orders, Maximum likelihood estimates.

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