Smarandache Strong Hoop-algebras

Reza Tayebi Khorami, Arsham Borumand Saeid


In this paper we define the Smarandache hoop-algebras
and Q-Smarandache filters, we obtain some related results. After that,
by considering the notions of these filters we determine relationships
between filters in hoop-algebras and Q-Smarandache filters in hoop-
algebras. Finally, we introduce the concept of Smarandache 2-structure
and Smarandache 2-filter on hoop-algebras.


Hoop-algebra; BL-algebra; MV -algebra; Smarandache hoop-algebra; Q-Smarandache filter; Smarandache 2-structure; Smarandache 2-filter.

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