A novel algorithm for solving bi-objective fractional transportation problems with fuzzy numbers

Abouzar Sheikhi, Seyed Mehdi Karbassi, Narges Bidabadi


A new method is proposed for finding a set of efficient solutions to bi-objective fractional transportation problems with fuzzy numbers using ranking function. This method is an important tool for the decision makers to obtain efficient solutions and select the preferred optimal solution from the satisfaction level. The procedure allows the user to identify next efficient solution to the problem from the current efficient solution. This new approach enables the decision makers to evaluate the economic activities and make satisfactory managerial decisions when they are handling a variety of logistic problems involving two objectives. An illustrative example is presented to clarify the idea of the proposed approach.


Bi-objective fractional transportation problems, Bi-objective fuzzy fractional transportation problems, Linear fractional programming problems, Level of satisfaction, trapezoid fuzzy number, ranking function, α-cut set

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