J-McCoy Rings Relative To A Monoid

Arezoo Salimi, shervin sahebi, Mansoureh Deldar


For a ring R and a monoid M, we introduce J -M-McCoy rings which are a generalization of weak M-McCoy and J-McCoy rings and investigate their properties. It is shown that for a u.p.-monoid M if R J(R) is reversible then R is J-M-McCoy, and for a cancellative monoid M and an ideal N of M, R is a right (resp. left) J-M-McCoy ring if it is a right (resp. left) J-N-McCoy ring.


McCoy rings, M-McCoy rings, J-McCoy rings, Weak M-McCoy rings, J-M-McCoy rings, reversible rings, J-semisimple rings, Armendariz rings.

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