Results on hyper equality algebras

M.A. Hashemi, Rajab Ali Borzooei


Equality algebras as a generalization of EQ-algebras introduced by Jenei [8]. Hyper equal- ity algebras introduced and studied in [4], as a generalization of equality algebras. Now, in this paper, we investigate relations among hyper equality algebras and other hyper algebraic structures such as hyper K(BE, MV)-algebras and hyper hoops. Specially, we prove that any linearly ordered hyper MV-algebra is a strongly commutative symmetric hyper equality algebra and under some conditions, any strongly commutative involutive hyper equality algebra is a hyper MV-algebra.


Equality algebra, hyper equality algebra, hyper BE-algebra, hyper K-algebra, hyper M V -algebra, hyper hoop.

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