A fast and secure RSA public key cryptosystem

Mahnaz Mohammadi, A. Zolghadrasli, M. A. Pourmina


RSA is a well-known public-key cryptosystem. It is the most commonly used and currently most important public-key algorithm which can be used for both encryption and signing. RSA cryptosystem involves exponentiation modulo an integer number n that is the product of two large primes p and q. The security of the system is based on the difficulty of factoring large integers in terms of its key size and the length of the modulus n in bits which is said to be the key size. In this paper, we present a method that increases the speed of RSA cryptosystem. Also an efficient implementation of arithmetic and modular operations are used to increase its speed. The security is also enhanced by using a variable key size space. There exist numerous implementations (hardware or software) of RSA cryptosystem, but most of them are restricted in key size. An important improvement achieved in this paper is that the system is designed flexibly in terms of key size according to user security.


Cryptography, RSA Cryptosystem, public key, private key, prime numbers, encryption, decryption, modular reduction.

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