Chebyshev Finite Difference Method for Solving Constrained Quadratic Optimal Control Problems

Mohammad Maleki, Mehrdad Dadkhah Tirani


In this paper the Chebyshev finite difference method is employed for finding the approximate solution of time varying constrained
optimal control problems. This approach consists of reducing the optimal control problem to a nonlinear mathematical programming problem. To this end, the collocation points (Chebyshev Gauss-Lobatto
nodes) are introduced then the state and control variables are approximated using special Chebyshev series with unknown parameters. The
performance index is parameterized and the system dynamics and constraints are then replaced with a set of algebraic equations. Numerical
examples are included to demonstrate the validity and applicability of
the technique.


Chebyshev finite difference method, optimal control, nonlinear programming problem, Chebyshev Gauss- Lobatto nodes

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