Table of Contents

Vol. 5, No. 1, (2010)

A General Norm on Extension of a Hilbert’s Type Linear Operator PDF
Zahra Jokar, Javad Behboodian
Some Properties of Autosoluble Groups PDF
Foroud Parvaneh, Mohammad Reza R. Moghaddam
Generalizing Homotopy Analysis Method to Solve System of Integral Equations PDF
Ahmad Shayganmanesh
Numerical Solution of the Linear Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind PDF
Nouredin Parandin, Shaban Gholamtabar
Homorooty in Rings PDF
Mohammad Hadi Hooshmand, Reza Poorjafary
An Error Bound for Solution of Fredholm Integral Equations by Adomian Method PDF
Ali Davari
Some Results on Graded Generalized Local Cohomology Modules PDF
Fatemeh Dehghani-Zadeh, Hossein Zakeri
Generalized Vector Variational-Like Inequalities PDF
Mahboubeh Rezaei, Hamid Gazor
Large Sample Inference on the Ratio of Two Independent Binomial Proportions PDF
Hossein Haghbin, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi, Zohreh Shishebor
On a Question of Allen Shields PDF
Bahman Yousefi, Ali Ilun Kashkooly

Vol. 5, No. 2(1), (2011)

Chebyshev Finite Difference Method for Solving Constrained Quadratic Optimal Control Problems PDF
Mohammad Maleki, Mehrdad Dadkhah Tirani
Eigenfunctions of the Weighted Composition Operators PDF
Hamid Rezaei
Semismooth Function on Riemannian Manifolds PDF
Elham Ghahraei
Robust Empirical Bayes Estimation of the Elliptically Countoured Covariance Matrix PDF
Zahra Khodadadi, Bahram Tarami
Solving Fuzzy Linear System by Fuzzy Neural Network and Applications in Economics PDF
Mahmood Otadi, Maryam Mosleh
Strongly Quasi-Duo Rings PDF
Saeed Safaeeyan
DEA Sensitivity Analysis for Parallel Production Systems PDF
Javad Gerami, Mohammad Reza Mozaffari
Some Fixed Point Theorems for Pointwise Contractions PDF
Hadi Javidzadeh, Mohammad Reza Haddadi
Measuring the Relative Efficiency in Multi-Component Decision Making Units and its Application to Bank Branches PDF
Abbas Ali Noora, Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, Ali Payan
A Sequence of Fourier Partial Sums not Containing 2¼Q PDF
Mohsen Taghavi

Vol. 5, No. 2(2), (2011)

Semi E-pseudoinvex and Semi E-quasiinvex Functions and Applications PDF
Tooba Jabarootian, Mohammad Reza Mahyarinia
Homotopy Analysis and Padé́ Methods for Solving Two Nonlinear Equations PDF
Ahmad Golbabai, Davood Ahmadian
Some Model Theoretic Remarks on Bass Modules PDF
Ehsan Momtahan
Study of Convergence of HAM and its Application on the Fokker-Planck Equation PDF
Mashallah Matinfar, Mohammad Saeidy
Empirical Bayes Estimation in Multiple Linear Regression with Multivariate Skew-Normal Distribution as Prior PDF
Mohsen Khounsiavash, Taban Baghfalaki, Mojtaba Ganjali
Approximate Additive Functional Equations in Closed Convex Cone PDF
Hassan Azadi Kenary
On the Epsilon Hypercyclicity of a Pair of Operators PDF
Bahmann Yousefi, Khadije Jahedi
Measuring Overall Profit Efficiency with Fuzzy Data PDF
Mohsen Rostamy-malkhalifeh, Nazila Aghayi
Exact Solutions of the Couple Boiti-Leon-Pempinelli System by the Generalized (G0 G )-expansion Method PDF
Mehdi Fazli Aghdaei, Jalil Manafian Heris
Homotopy Analysis Method Based on Optimal Value of the Convergence Control Parameter for Solving Semi-Differential Equations PDF
Hadi Hosseini Fadravi, Hassan Saberi Nik, Reza Buzhabadi

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