Measuring Overall Profit Efficiency with Fuzzy Data

Mohsen Rostamy-malkhalifeh, Nazila Aghayi


Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a technique for measuring
the efficiency of a set of Decision Making Units (DMUs) with
common data, but in general it is not practical. This paper presents a
framework where DEA is used to measure overall profit efficiency with
fuzzy data. Specifically, it is shown that as the inputs, outputs and
price vectors are fuzzy numbers, the DMUs cannot be easily evaluated.
Thus, presenting a new method for computing the efficiency of DMUs
with fuzzy data will be benefic. Also, it presents where DEA is used to
measure overall profit of efficiency with interval and fuzzy inputs and
outputs and an interval will be defined for the efficiency. The proposed
method give the best and the worst overall profit efficiency for DMUs.
The method is illustrated by solving numerical examples.


Data Envelopment Analysis, fuzzy Data, interval Data, overall Profit Efficiency

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