Table of Contents

Vol. 1, No. 1, 2006

A Look at P (X > Y ) in the Binomial Case PDF
Javad Behboodian
Weighted Sequence Spaces and Cyclicity PDF
Jinalo Doroodgar, Bahman Yousefi
Limit Points of Trigonometric Sequences PDF
Masoumeh Faghih Ahmadi, Karim Hedayatian
Interpolation in Spaces of Functions PDF
Kazem Mosaleheh
Notes on the Hypercyclic Operator PDF
Hamid Rezaei
On the Weighted Hardy Spaces PDF
Khadijeh Jahedi, Bahman Yousefi
Irrational Rotation Algebra as a Crossed Product PDF
Sareh Haghkhah, Masoumeh Faghih Ahmadi

Vol. 1, No. 2, 2007

On the Universal Interpolating Sequences on H2(β) PDF
Bahmann Yousefi, Leila Bagheri, Tahereh Rastegar
The First Survey for Abilities of Wavelets in Solving Optimal Control Problems by Embedding Methods PDF
Alireza Fakharzadeh, Seid Abulfazl Ghasemiyan, Abdoljabbar Badiozzaman
The Maximal Ideal Space of C(K,A) PDF
Mohammad Hassan Shirdarreh Haghighi
On CCC - Properties of Almost Regular Closed Lindeloff Space PDF
Hamid Reza Sahebi
Supercyclicity with Respect to a Sequence on Special Sequence Spaces PDF
Sedigheh Foroutan, Bahmann Yousefi, Jinalo Doroodgar
Boundary Stabilization of a Compactly System of Wave Equations PDF
Faramarz Tahamtani
On the Autocorrelations of ±1 Polynomials PDF
Mohsen Taghavi, Mohsen Zahraei
The Characterization of the Spectrum of a Class of Relations PDF
Masoumeh Faghih Ahmadi, Sareh Haghkhah

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